Mission Statement

To provide the value conscious client with affordable, high quality alternatives, for all their shipping and warehousing needs. We understand that the Client is our best asset, and when we treat them with dignity and respect, we will gain successful lifetime relationships.

About Us

Founded in 1989, SB Freight has a long history of being "customer friendly". From our humble beginning of a couple trucks and a small dock and warehouse, we have grown into a premiere and growing player in the Los Angeles Basin. SB Freight is successful due to our extreme flexibility to our customer's needs. We are dedicated to the idea that, if there is any possible way we can accomplish what is requested by our clients, we will honor that request. Our Goal is to become the best at what we do, while continuing to improve on service and value.

At SB Freight, we want to be the total transportation and warehousing service provider for our clients: we have a truckload division, a drayage division, and a nationwide freight consolidation. We also have a local trucking division that covers the LA basin to the Bay area and Sacramento, over 2 million square foot of warehousing space in the Los Angeles area, as well as warehouses in most major markets. We are constantly looking for new opportunities; we are currently working on securing facilities in Tennessee and Miami, FL.

Lastly, our people make the real difference. We have a dedicated sales and customer service team that are diverse; we speak four languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and of course English) and have over 300 combined years of trucking experience. So when you ship with us, you can trust that an experienced, dedicated, and caring employee is picking up, handling, delivering and billing your shipment properly. Thank you so much for considering SB Freight as your service provider and we look forward to serving you.